Hey reader, I’m Thomas Munday – creator and head-writer of Reshoot & Rewind.

Since the early years of high school, I’ve been heartily infatuated with different forms of media production and analysis stemming from varying generations, movements, and countries. I created this blog a couple of years ago to display my love of the review process, citizen journalism, and entertainment’s overwhelming prowess. Let’s face it – we are in the middle of a defining technological age. I’m now happily utilising the many technological and educational advantages now given to budding journalists like myself.

I’ve studied at Central TAFE and Curtin University, and – thanks in part to my love of film, TV, music etc. – have had a ball with every second of it! I am simply one drop in the giant ocean, constantly trying to make ripples and impact upon the impending tide. I specialise in reviewing, but regularly branch out whenever possible. With film, I love action, drama, and a good laugh-riot every now and then. Feel free to ask me anything at anytime whilst also posting positive and/or negative comments.

I also write for several publications including The Music, X-Press, Colosoul Group inc., Rotunda Media, Avenoir Magazine, The Artifice, and Hooked On Film. I am also a member of the Australian Film Critics Association. On R&R, I rate movies, theatre productions, albums etc. out of 5. Going by the traditional star system, this rating technique assures my readers that a thorough score has been given to everything I have covered. For each piece of writing, my review technique is based on what I believe to be an honest and fair opinion. Graciously, I’m always willing to discuss my viewpoints with anyone who agrees or disagrees with any review/list/opinion piece I have developed.
Well, that’s about it. I hope you enjoy everything I post. I’m also on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Mail, and Twitter if you wish to further immerse yourself in my madness!
Influential Films                                  

– The Dark Knight Saga

– The Lord of the Rings Saga

– Collateral

– Road to Perdition                              

– The Last Samurai                             

– The Original Star Wars Trilogy

– Casino Royale                                  

– The Shawshank Redemption             

 Pulp Fiction                                     

– Fight Club                                       

– Blade Runner                                  

and so many more…..

Influential Directors

– Steven Soderbergh

– Clint Eastwood

– Steven Spielberg

– Martin Scorsese

– Joel & Ethan Coen

– Sam Mendes

– Edward Zwick

– Akira Kurosawa

– Ridley & Tony Scott

– Oliver Stone

– James Cameron

– Danny Boyle

– Christopher Nolan

and the list goes on…

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  1. Hello, nice blog and interesting stuff you are posting here. I am a photographer and I just came back from my trip to France where I`m sharing my photography and stories so you are very welcome to check my inspiration;)


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