Photo Essay: Perth Zoo 2015

Perth Zoo has been an essential element of Perth’s social and cultural development over several decades. In addition, it became my second home during my primary school years. I, convinced zoölogy was my calling, studied the biological majesty of all creatures great and small. Indeed, when contemplating the existence of flora and fauna, it’s difficult acknowledging how everything we know came to being. Though normal to us mere mortals, native and international animals always draw ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from people the world over.

The zoo, though considered much less entertaining than the i-Pad or smart phone, leave us in an awe-inspiring trance. Perth Zoo, opened in 1898 with only six staff members, first included two bar enclosures, a monkey exhibit, mammal house, and model castle for Guinea Pigs. It, drawing locals and tourists, had roughly 53, 000 visitors in its first nine months. Today, the marvel is home to over 1200 animals of more than 160 species. Today’s Perth Zoo, bathing in sunlight, is still one of the City of Perth’s most interesting and unique attractions.

Due to our scorching summers and freezing winters, our climate is almost inhospitable for most African, Asian and South American animals. Indeed, during any Winter’s day, many of these creatures would either be sleeping inside or…sleeping outside. However, the exhibits – including the Australian Walkabout, African Savannah, Asian Rainforest, Primates, Nocturnal House, South American Birds, Wetlands, and Reptile House – are worth the admittedly inflated price.

Find out more: Perth Zoo Website

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