Tech. Review: Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10 7″ Tablet


The tablet has become one of modern technology’s most popular devices. The handheld system can hold enough power to topple governments, carry a household’s worth of entertainment, and store the average Joe’s slew of upcoming work projects simultaneously. Today, the tablet is the perfect tool for business and pleasure. The size, easy-to-use setup, and storage capacity make it a must-have. So, why do tech. stores and online hubs make it so difficult to choose?!

lenovo-tab2-a7-10hero01-1Swiping through the vast array of Apple and Samsung merchandises can turn a harmless venture into a frustrating and mind-altering battle to pick, buy, and leave the complex. In addition, Recently, Windows and other major brands have made strong pitches worthy of your cold, hard cash. I present the Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10 7″ Tablet – a device putting up a hard fight against the IPad and Samsung Galaxy. Firstly, and this should be the tagline, the A7-10 can perform almost everything the bigger brands love shouting about…all for the humble retail price of $99. Automatically, that is a win!

The A7-10 is one of Android’s biggest releases over the past few years. The exterior traits will immediately lure in the average punter. It’s crisp 7″ screen delivers more than enough aesthetic glamour to suit every function. The screen – fitting its sleek, ergonomic design – delivers on the promise of its 1024×600 IPS display for efficient profile and wide-angle viewing. Its, being a worthwhile companion from any adventure, can thank its 269g weight and 9.3mm thickness for its popularity. Its use as a kindle, mp3 player, and web-surfing tool simultaneously fits for business, pleasure, and adventure.

Thanks to its 1GB Ram, 8GB internal storage and 8-hour battery life, this Lenovo tablet is one of the most advanced 7″ devices on the market. The film buffs and gamers, the device delivers a quad core processor enables multi-tasking on a grander scale. If that was not enough, its Dolby Audio setup allows for a clearer surround sound system than any other Lenovo. Valuably, its GPS functions are ideal for any situation with or without Wi-Fi. The software, though more useful online than offline, Android’s 4.4 KitKat Operating System ups the ante for future Lenovo projects.

Apps and services like Word need help from Google Play, with downloading speeds depending entirely on Wi-Fi strength. In addition, connection between laptop devices and the tablet could fray and spatter, so make sure to back up your work. Despite minor hindrances, however, the A7-10 is the most effective and efficient tablet devices out there. Get in, before the i-Padders realise what they’re not looking at/swiping/throwing across the room in frustration like a frisbee.

Verdict: A smart, Smooth, and Snazzy Tablet.

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