Podcast: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2


Podcast 2:

One thought on “Podcast: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2

  1. I wonder what Marvel and the bigwigs over there at the studio are going to give us for the complete Phase 2 Collectors set, like we got with Phase 1? It would be nice for them to put together another really cool set like we got with the full Phase 1 Set? With the Phase 1 set we got the Sheild Breifcase, with replica glowing tesseract cube and all the movies and files on each Avenger and all the other neat littile items that came with the set, at least with Phase I we knew we were getting something really cool in advance and were able to pre order from Amazon and got the full set and all movies included in the mail on the day of release so we didn’t have to wait to get it….. Anyways I hope someone has some idea what to expect or if we will get a really cool collectors set like we did with the first set? It would be nice to be able to pre order it again through Amazon?

    Can’t Wait to see what we get
    Billy C


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