Article: 87th Academy Awards Nominees: Should & Will

The 87th Academy Awards race delivered one of the most controversial runs in Hollywood history. Between the Golden Globes and now, the world has expressed its fair share of cheers and jeers over the varying choices on offer. This year, being the whitest selection of nominees this century, illustrates the Academy’s 65-year-old white demographic is in full control. Snubs for Selma alums Ava DuVernay and David Oyelowo hint at a still-strong underlying, and uncomfortable, backlash against minority cast and crew members. In addition, the fusion of American Sniper‘s success and Selma‘s snubbing further hinted at full-on nose-uppedness from the Academy voters.

The Hollywood Reporter’s ”Brutal Honesty’ articles – chronicling the voting processes for several anonymous voters – succinctly sum up the crowd’s overall opinions. With The Lego Movie and Jake Gyllenhaal unfairly forced to sit at home, hopefully next year will deliver a more tangible and unique selection of nominees. Everything, from John Legend and Common hit Glory to Richard Linklater’s seminal masterpiece Boyhood, is on the line tonight. Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the aforementioned 12-years-a-boy smash are going head to head. Here’s hoping The Theory of Everything doesn’t receive too much praise.

In blue, I have put the nominees that I believe deserve to win. In red, however, are the ones that, most likely, will sweep up those heavy, gold statuettes in a few hours time. Good luck, everyone!

The 87th Academy Awards kick off February 23rd at 9pm.