Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Review – Totally Daft!

Group/Singer: Daft Punk (composer)

Label: Walt Disney

Genres: Score, Electronica, House, Trip-hop, Classical, Orchestral


In 2010, the music world came into contact with a refreshing and infectious fad. The DJ-fuelled electronica movement, still in full bloom, is comprised of super-star sound mixers and singers experimenting with everything around them. One of the world’s most popular electronica/house groups is Daft Punk. A few years ago, this era-defining, helmet-and-jumpsuit-donning duo – Thomas Bagalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo – cast aside its iconic sounds to deliver a soundtrack that lived up to our ridiculous expectations.

Daft Punk, exploding long before this fad began, has added several dance anthems and number one hits burst to the pop-culture stratosphere. However, the duo’s best work belongs to an overlooked sci-fi action flick. Tron: Legacy, now known primarily for its score, showcases all of pop-culture’s hidden desires. Beyond the alluring aesthetic and eclectic direction, its standout score elevates it above the competition. Fortunately, Daft Punk succeeds in placing a greater emphasis on the movie’s positives.

Robbed of Oscar consideration, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack has radically altered our blockbuster-laden landscape. With electronica groups like M83 and the Chemical Brothers learning from Daft Punk’s efforts here, this soundtrack is more of a game-changer than the movie its made for. Setting up certain sequences and deconstructing others, this score bolsters the movie’s ominous aura and exhilarating action beats. The first track introduces/re-introduces us to a brave and impressionistic universe. ‘Overture’, building upon the awe-inspiring Tron universe, is a refreshing burst of energy.

Recommendations: ‘Son of Flynn’, ‘End of Line’, ‘Derezzed’

From there, the soundtrack makes a habit of tying each concept and thread to the movie’s intricate layout. ‘The Grid’, chronicling the movie’s mind-bending prologue, touches upon the ever-lasting connection between score and narrative. With Jeff Bridges voice delivering a tinge of brevity, this magnetic track leads us through the score’s most alarming motifs. From there, the soundtrack obliterates expectations and examines our love of modern dance music.’Son of Flynn’, setting the tone for the entire score, is a wondrous and brisk creation. Speeding through its short duration, this track warrants multiple listens whilst on the go.

From there, Daft Punk’s greatest effort mixes and matches different sounds to create extraordinary tracks. Fusing thunderous orchestral sounds and electronica motifs for ‘Recogniser’, this album becomes nothing short of exhilarating. In addition, the following two tracks, ‘Armory’ and ‘Arena’, shift gears and bolster the soundtrack’s burgeoning scope. Building upon Daft Punk’s sterling vison, these tracks reprogram and reinvigorate everything we believe about soundtracks and electronica. Further on into this sprawling creation, tracks like ‘Outlands’ and ‘Adiago for Tron’ outline the benefits of Daft Punk’s think-outside-the box processes.

However, despite the aforementioned tracks’ overwhelming prowess and sturdiness, the album’s central tracks live up to Daft Punk’s unbelievable reputation. ‘End of Line’ clicks from the get-go, as its infectious beat pushes this soundtrack through its darker periods. In addition, ‘Derezzed’, I dare say, is the album’s most electrifying and intensifying effort. As its synthesiser beat pulsates, the track’s repetitious rhythm becomes stuck in the consciousness. Boosting Daft Punk’s enthralling vision, tracks like ‘Solar Sailer’, ‘Disc Wars’, and ‘C.L.U’ set the mood for the rest of the album’s phenomenal twits and turns.

By album’s end, thanks to influential and succinct tracks like ‘Flynn Lives’ and ‘Tron: Legacy (End Titles)’, Daft Punk establishes itself as modern music’s most ambitious and transcendent group. Highlighting electronica’s immense worth, their music continually reshapes and improves the genre’s layout. The Tron: Legacy soundtrack, delivering idiosyncratic harmonies and unique sounds, places scores and soundtracks back into the neon-lit spotlight.

Verdict: Daft Punk’s most impressionable and addictive work yet. 

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