Pitch Perfect: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Review – Aca-ceptable

Group/Singer: Pitch Perfect Cast, Christophe Beck (composer)

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Pop, Acappella


Pitch Perfect was one of the biggest commercial hits of 2012. What gave the film a necessary punch was its pumping soundtrack. Whether the film is considered a coming-of-age teen comedy or a fun musical, its soundtrack reaches out as far as possible and, for the most part, its pitch…pretty good.

It’s an Acappella/pop soundtrack with a fun vibe. Without sounding like yet another Glee album, this compilation combines the positive elements of two genres. The album, just like the film, is divided between guys and girls. The groups combine a varying range of voices to create catchy covers of popular tunes. The first track is the Treblemakers (Boys) performance of Rhianna’s ‘Don’t Stop the music’. Their version is a refreshing take on this hit song; depicting a brave decision to switch between different demographics. Faring considerably poorer is their version of ‘Let it Whip’. The vocals ring false this time around, losing the catchy tempo of their previous cover. Luckily, they pick their signature style back up with a lively rendition of Flo Rida’s Right Round.

Recommendations: ‘Cups’, ‘Since U Been Gone’, ‘Right Round’.

It then turns to the girls. Following up modern hits with classic medleys, the album enlivens songs from multiple decades to capture a varying audience. The Barden Bellas (Girls) interweave ‘The Sign’, ‘Turn the Beat Around’ and ‘Eternal Flame’ into a chirpy and spirited number. The album’s stand out track is Anna Kendrick’s song ‘Cups’. Using only her sweet vocals and a plastic cup for percussion, her harmony sends shivers down the spine. It proves the Tony-winner’s talents as a true performer. The biggest medley comes from the girls, with the grouping of ‘Price Tag’, ‘Give Me Everything’ and The Breakfast Club‘s anthem ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ honouring the film’s love of pop culture and nostalgia simultaneously.

The boys and girls get to mix-it-up throughout the album. Despite obvious signs of auto-tuning, songs are infused with the stellar and unique voices of the entire cast. The cover of ‘Since U Been Gone’ is a fun version of an already enjoyable number. The ‘Riff-off’ is a stand out track. Featuring popular songs such as ‘S&M’ and ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’, both parties come out swinging as multiple tracks are ceremoniously blended together.

For the most part, Pitch Perfect‘s soundtrack is aca-ceptable. Rivalling this year’s soundtracks (including Les Miserables), this compilation is sure to please pop music fans and nostalgics alike.

Verdict: A Fun and fluffy soundtrack.

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